Established 1976
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Please note: The Felixstowe Kite Festival has been cancelled this year
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March 16th 2018. The clubs General Data Privacy Policy is now online for you to read.

February 5th 2018.
Our members are planning a Cody meeting in honour of Samuel Franklin Cody, born March 6th 1867 and who tragically fell to his death on August 7th 1913. Any club members who are interested in bringing their Cody kites along to celebrate Cody's achievements, please contact us. Date is as yet to be set.

January 10th 2018. Parking at Hainault Forest Country Park. There has been considerable chat on WhatsApp as you can no longer pay by cash at a machine. Your options are, pay by smartphone or use the RingGo Mobile App which you have to first register.. which I believe you can also set up on a PC. It's all Gobbledygook to me, so if anyone has further information or can take a clear picture of instructions of ways to pay from that car park, it may help others in advance.

January 3rd 2018.
The clubs forum use has been changed to an information only site due to lack of use. These days people find it hard to keep tabs on all their social networks and our forum came low on their list of favourites. For now it will remain open to view previously posted content, no posts or replies can be made. Continue to use the clubs Facebook site, look here for news and updates or alternatively you can submit content to the clubs 'Kite Wings' magazine. Event reviews can be posted here, just send me the details, pictures etc. & I'll do the rest. Mark

January 1st 2018.
The Essex Kite Group celebrated the new year with it's annual New Years Day Fly-In at Hylands Park in Chelmsford. Several club members turned out and while deltas ruled the skies, the power kites provided more ground level entertainment. It was a good social event and ended with a bit of a fizz and a bang.
Next club meeting: Sunday 22nd April 2018 - Hornchurch Country Park - RM12 6TS.
Old Codgers meetings: Meetings most Tuesdays at either Hainault or Thorndon Country Parks.
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