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Members please see News Page for information about planned changes at Wickford Country Park.

Club News Page:

October 5th 2019. Please note: It appears that we may soon not have access to the Wickford Park building, negotiations are ongoing so that we may still have access to the toilets. This means that the planned AGM next year will no longer be held in the usual place.
Because of this it has been necessary to plan an Extraordinary General Meeting on the day of our Christmas Party and before any flying or eating of mince pies commences where immediate club issues will be discussed.
Members are reminded that in order for our club to continue, we need committee members - please step up and offer your services.

July 15th 2019. Following the passing, after a short illness, of our treasurer Maurice, his family have released the details of the funeral arrangements.
The funeral is to be held at Corbetts Tey Crematorium, (South Essex Crematorium). Ockendon Road, Upminster. RM14 2UY at 11:20 on Friday the 26th of July. Afterwards, you are invited to meet at the Huntsman & Hounds. Ockendon Road, Upminster. RM14 2DN.
Donation please, if you wish can be made to St Francis Hospice. Boxhill Road, Havering-atte-Bower. RM4 1QH. Thank-you.

July 9th 2019. It is with great regret that  I inform you of the passing of the Essex Kite Groups treasurer. Maurice has been the clubs treasurer for 40 years or more and an active member in the club and assisting with the kite workshops throughout the years, he has been a valuable asset to the club and will be missed by many.
May I remind our members that the club which is currently without a Secretary, is also in need of treasurer in order to keep the club going. If you think you may be able to assume either of these roles then please contact the club officials.

November 23rd 2018. The winter edition of the Kitewings Magazine is now available to read online.

August 13th 2018. Wick Country Park meeting... It must have been the weather forecast that put people off - but as it turned out what little rain there was, wasn't a problem for us. We had a selection of colourful kites in the air and sat debating whose kite-line was next on Mr R's list. Club members - support this flying site while we still can.

July 31st 2018.
The clubs next event is participation in the annual Royston Kite Festival. If you haven't been before, then I urge you to go - it's a brilliant day out for all the family... and if like in previous years you can get money towards your expenses if you participate. There are many kite displays throughout the day, fast food stalls, ice cream vendors, stalls and other attractions. Wind permitting the club will have the EKG's shelter and information banner in a prominent place and usually have a selection of mini kites for sale. Things to look out for on the day are the mass flying of swallow kites set to music and the kite altitude competition. If you haven't done the latter - you must try, basically the idea is to get your kite as high as possible within a certain predetermined time. When time is called, there is a short settling down period then the highest kite wins.
It's a wonderful day out for all the family, take chairs or a blanket to sit on and if recent warm weather is anything to go by, sun tan cream.

July 2nd 2018.
Club members are reminded that the Essex Kite Group has a WhatsApp group where club members can advertise their intent to attend a club meeting... or not. It's also very useful to rally up flyers for an impromptu fly at a designated place on non-club meeting days. Club members are urged to make use of this facility as information is quickly spread to all included group members.
To get access to the group you'll need a smartphone with WhatsApp installed and contact the WebMaster with your name and mobile number. Please note that the sole intention of the WhatsApp group is chat about club meetings.

June 20th 2018. A scanned copy of the KiteWings Spring 2018 magazine is now available for download, apologies for the lower quality and late arrival. As the magazine makes clear, the magazine editor is in desperate need of articles about anything to do with kite flying and club life in general, without our members support... the magazines frequency (or demise) is in jeopardy.
Also, while we're at it... the clubs Secretary has said he will stand down at the time of the next AGM. We need a new Secretary so someone please step up and consider this valuable position... or at least a part of it.

June 3rd 2018. Wick kite meeting. Despite to low winds in the morning, we had a good turn out of members and Mr E was keen to show off his latest creation, an inflatable crocodile which should in favourable winds fly without a lifter.
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March 16th 2018.
The clubs General Data Privacy Policy is now online for you to read.

February 5th 2018.
Our members are planning a Cody meeting in honour of Samuel Franklin Cody, born March 6th 1867 and who tragically fell to his death on August 7th 1913. Any club members who are interested in bringing their Cody kites along to celebrate Cody's achievements, please contact us. Date is as yet to be set.

January 10th 2018. Parking at Hainault Forest Country Park. There has been considerable chat on WhatsApp as you can no longer pay by cash at a machine. Your options are, pay by smartphone or use the RingGo Mobile App which you have to first register.. which I believe you can also set up on a PC. It's all Gobbledygook to me, so if anyone has further information or can take a clear picture of instructions of ways to pay from that car park, it may help others in advance.

January 3rd 2018.
The clubs forum use has been changed to an information only site due to lack of use. These days people find it hard to keep tabs on all their social networks and our forum came low on their list of favourites. For now it will remain open to view previously posted content, no posts or replies can be made. Continue to use the clubs Facebook site, look here for news and updates or alternatively you can submit content to the clubs 'Kite Wings' magazine. Event reviews can be posted here, just send me the details, pictures etc. & I'll do the rest. Mark

January 1st 2018.
The Essex Kite Group celebrated the new year with it's annual New Years Day Fly-In at Hylands Park in Chelmsford. Several club members turned out and while deltas ruled the skies, the power kites provided more ground level entertainment. It was a good social event and ended with a bit of a fizz and a bang.

Our next 2019 club meetings:
Sunday 13th October  -  One Sky One World - Hylands Park, all welcome. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 27th October - Wick Country Park - SS12 9GP
Sunday 10th November - Hornchurch Country Park - RM12 6TS
Sunday 17th November  -  Hylands Park. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 1st December  -  EKG Christmas Party. Wick Country Park. SS12 9GP
Sunday 15th December  -  Hainault Country Park. IG7 4QW
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