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Codgers Diaries - by Courtney

Our Old Codgers meetings grow stronger by the week…as mentioned by Ernie we have sketch artists spending time with us as well now! The Codgers group has a growing number of followers that come to Thorndon Park to be entertained by our displays. We enjoy the attention and they enjoy the kites and the information and help we are able to provide.
Over the past year Ernie’s line laundry collection has grown and very worthy of the praise given by the various people that come to Thorndon Park on Tuesdays.
The original three, Colin, Ernie and I have a lot of support during the holiday period from John and June, Reg and Dee, Keith and little Mark. On occasion the display is on par with a kite festival. We are hoping that this beautiful weather continues so we can continue to put more lovely kites on display!
Colin was adopted by a few children eager to fly a kite, Colin, ever the gentleman, gave his kite and his time to explain to these youngsters.
Ramblers, dog walkers, drivers from the nearby A127 main road are always asking about the kites and displays and why we are there…are we an entertainment arranged by the park? No…the answer is for enjoyment, for us and for the visitors to the park. The Codgers are fast becoming and institution at Thorndon Park on a Tuesday.
We have had a few mishaps; a kite in a tree, broken lines etc. but this is all part of kiting and part of our Old Codger’s day!

Codgers Diary - Saturday 9th August 2014 - by Courtney

What a beautiful day in every sense of the word. As it was such a lovely day Reg, Dee and myself decided to meet up at Thorndon Park for a fly. Once again the Codgers became the centre of attention with a large party group, families having a picnic or BBQ, dog walkers and ramblers all admiring the kite display which became the park entertainment for the day.
People came over to say thank you, which is very rewarding as it shows the pleasure we give not to mention the pleasure we get from kite flying.
To get a different view of the day I asked Dee to write a review of how she sees and feels about our Codgers meet ups and our displays, thank you Dee.
Codgers Diary Update - 9th & 12th August 2014 - by Dee

I have recently spent two very enjoyable kite flying days with Reg and Courtney. On Saturday 9th August we met at Thorndon Park, the wind was strong, if a little erratic at times and Reg and Courtney put on an excellent display with at least a dozen kites in the air. There was lots of interest from families enjoying the good weather. Courtney was his usual friendly self-helping a family fly their kite. There was a children’s part going on and we were thanked for entertaining them with the kite display. Many people were taking photos and saying how impressive the kites were.
On Tuesday 12th August we met at the old codgers meeting again at Thorndon. The wind was strong and in no time there was an impressive display in the air. There was lots of interest again in particular from Essex County Council. A photographer was taking photos to feature in a country parks event publication. He and his colleague were very interested and impressed with the display.  He took lots of photos of the kites and also of Reg putting one of his kites together. Courtney gave them an EKG leaflet for more info on the club. We all had a relaxing day until rain stopped play about 3pm.
Codgers Diary - 12th August 2014 - by Courtney

Reg and myself created quite a stir with our kites today, it was quite a windy day but we managed to put up a fabulous display. Sadly no photos but a most enjoyable day.
The Codgers at Thorndon Park seems like a fixture now and we are always made to feel welcome by visitors to the Park and the park staff themselves.
Codgers Diary - 19th August 2014 - by Courtney

We met at Thorndon park, a very frustrating day…lovely sunshine but terrible swirling and gusting wind conditions.
We had a good turnout with John and June, Reg and Dee, John and big Al and son. A few kites were in the sky, Al flew his Flexifoil 10, Reg and John managed to fly Deltas and I tried to fly the Spirit kite but without much success.
We still had a few admirers though; the regulars who love to come and see our kites. Flying was brief and to compound the situation it started to rain and in the end we accepted defeat and packed up for the day.
Our next club meetings:

Gt Dunmow Kite Meet by invitation of the Mayor: 2pm Sat 25th September on the Dunmow Recreation Ground.
There are several parking spaces & toilets on edge of field. CM6. 2AA Refreshments might be available on site.

Meetings are to be arranged at short notice and where possible dates and venues will be posted.
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