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Hainault Forest Country Park - Sunday 18th August 2013.

One advantage of arriving early to any of our fly-ins, is that you can pick your spot to park and to set up ‘camp’. Sunday was no exception. Arriving at 9:45 to a virtually empty car  park and no one on the field. Thoughts of setting up the pop up gazebo quickly dispersed as soon as I disembarked from the car. The windy condition decided that no gazebo was  going to be erected that day!

Courtney arrived 30 or so minutes later with a tooting of his horn and a wave of hand.

Faithful sled and colourful, ‘crayon’ delta of mine aloft, I gave Courtney a hand launch some of his collection before both of us retired for a cup of well-earned brew. As we chatted, a  screech of tyres was heard close behind. Yet another Nigel Mansell I thought. Panic over, it was John Fewell. Shake of hands and explanations over, we 3 got on with the plan of  flying. John took a couple of his stunters to the field, while Courtney put up 2 football leg inflatables on poles. These do attract much attention from the public of all ages, so much so  that before erecting them, a car drove in, recognising Courtney, wound down his window and hailed: “Where’s your footballers?”

Mentioning to John that I hadn’t flown a 2 liner for some time, he duly handed me the controls to enjoy and remember how a stunter behaves. Being pleased I didn’t crash his kite, I  landed it in some form of control after a few minutes.

Later arrivals were Vernon, Margaret, Maurice, Glenda, Colin and Tony Gilbey. Thanks to John and June for making their arduous journey to come and say hello to everyone, after all  they do live such a long way from Hainault……NOT!!

Vernon flew a couple of small, mylar inspired serpent like creations, very colourful and straight out of the bag to air so to speak. Colin was soon flying his reliable EKG Pearson  Roller kite. Tony, to my amazement produced a box kite that I recognised immediately.

Earlier in the day, a father and two kids were flying 2 of the same style. These fluorescent box kites were steady in the sky despite the windy conditions. When asked where the kites  were purchased from, the adult said Courtney had mentioned the previous weekend to check out Aldi. What a surprise, they fly, from bag to sky!

Giving Courtney a hand with one of his birthday presents from Lynn, soon attracted much gazes and camera clicks! His gorgeous tiger inflatable had its second airing, the first being  the previous weekend when we met up on the Saturday for an impromptu flight.

As the day progressed, we were joined and introduced to David Owen’s nephew, his wife and daughter. They had come to inform us of the funeral time, date and arrangements etc.  They took a lot of photographs of all the kites for a montage they were planning. Finding it difficult to talk at length of David’s passing, Courtney and I continued with flying and sorting  out tangles, thanks again Vernon.

Matters closed around 5pm, Courtney and ‘self being the last to depart a great days flying.

This report and pictures below submitted by Keith Marshall.
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