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Hylands Park - Sunday April 21st 2013.

A day of frustration and elation.
On my way to the park & passing Writtle church I couldn't help but notice their union jack flag wasn't moving despite it's height... oh dear, not a good sign!
Upon arriving I was greeted by Ernie, Sandra & Keith who were unloading their cars and after setting up our pole banners, you would have thought the wind wouldn't have been a problem for us, especially as the forecast was for gradually strengthening winds. Out on the field though, it was a different story.. we spent the next couple of hours searching out the slightest whiff of a wind and at one point our kites did a full 360 degree circuit around us as the wind changed direction.
I persisted with my newly made Thermik Delta but which has a too heavy frame for the conditions whilst others tried Fled's, Delta's, Duntons, Unban Ninja's and Indian fighter kites with varying amounts of success. John even tried his hand with a powerkite.
Come lunch-time some more club members had managed to crawl out from between their bedsheets and the lulls in the winds made time for pleasant chat and banter in the warm and sunny conditions.
As the afternoon progressed the wind gradually picked up and more kites came out, at one point we had a trio of hand-made Dunton Taylor's battling for space and height which was fun to see then a bit later Ernie demonstrated a highly stable part bought/part home-made Rokakku which was a sight to see flying high in the blue sky.
A prospective new member turned up and had a fly of my Flexifoil Rage after a bit of tuition by John and myself after which John gave us a demonstration of what the kite is capable of in the right hands.
Well done John.
For once the ground at Hylands Park was quite reasonable with just one problem area which I think we all managed to avoid.
A most enjoyable days flying.
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Sunday 13th October  -  One Sky One World - Hylands Park, all welcome. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 27th October - Wick Country Park - SS12 9GP
Sunday 10th November - Hornchurch Country Park - RM12 6TS
Sunday 17th November  -  Hylands Park. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 1st December  -  EKG Christmas Party. Wick Country Park. SS12 9GP
Sunday 15th December  -  Hainault Country Park. IG7 4QW
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