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Layer Marney Tower Kite Festival - Sunday 1st September 2013.

“BUY IT!!” That, was my first encounter with Layer Marney Tower. For those who are unaware, I was playing the Essex edition of the world famous, and the most popular board game Monopoly  many moons ago. My second and most enjoyable encounter, was on Sunday, at our kite meeting there.

We were advised not to arrive before 11am, however, at the field at 10:50 I was greeted by sleds, fish, a teddy bear and many other kites and line laundry. A picturesque and colourful scene,  well spread out on the beautifully manicured lawn. Suffolk Kite Flyers, Haven Flyers and one of our very own members. Introductions made, handshakes all ‘round, we began the task of setting  up our spacious club shelter.

Being in England, I can comfortably describe the wind as lumpy! Started with a sled in the sky, then some deltas made their appearance by other flyers.

To his credit, John assembled his buggy and quickly made his way to the far side and promptly began tearing up and down the field showing us his skills. Our new forum member Graeme (and  soon to become an EKG member), arrived and set the sky alight with some eye catching kites and laundry, one of which was an enormous turbine. I feel our very own Turboman John will soon  be changing his handle to
mini Turboman!

Two or three of us having put our names forward to help at the kite workshop if called upon, were thankfully pleased our lack of kite building knowledge (well, me and John anyway) wasn’t called  upon! Lynn to her credit did offer to attend if anyone of us were called upon, thanks muchly Lynn, from all of us. Once again though, if it wasn’t for our dedicated workshop team, none of the kites  for the kids would have seen the light of day, so a very BIG thank you to ALL of you, from all of us.

We tried to get one of Courtney’s inflatable birthday presents lofted, but with the wind conditions and lack of usable space, we succumbed, and admitted defeat. However, one Suffolk kiter did  manage to raise a black and white dog inflatable under his teddy, to great effect. The public acknowledgments, comments and many, many photograph takings, made a good day even better.  Ernie had his flock of bird kites lofted, and they flew very well despite the wind having other ideas. 

Anyone not aware of who Rob Brixton is, should pay a visit to his website:  He must have one of the largest private collections of kites, line laundry and inflatables I have  seen. When he puts on a display, it is definitely something to admire! I’m very glad he was there with some of his paraphernalia and helpers.

Matters began to close around 4:15pm, with all kites and the like down and packed by 5:00pm. All agreed this was certainly much, much better than last year, with some sort of wind albeit a  wee bit lumpy. Roll on next year, my first visit to Layer Marney Tower, and hoping it won't be my last!

Our next club meetings:

Gt Dunmow Kite Meet by invitation of the Mayor: 2pm Sat 25th September on the Dunmow Recreation Ground.
There are several parking spaces & toilets on edge of field. CM6. 2AA Refreshments might be available on site.

Meetings are to be arranged at short notice and where possible dates and venues will be posted.
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