Established 1976
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2019 Scheduled Club Meetings & Invites:

EKG meetings are very informal but members start arriving from around 11am onwards. Feel free to come & go as you please. Non-members are welcome to attend.

Aug 10/11 - Teston Kite Weekend
Aug 11th - Wick Country Park
Aug 18th - Hunstanton Kite Festival
Aug 25th - Hornchurch Country Park

Sep 1st - Layer Marney Kite Festival
Sep 8th - Wick Country Park Kite Festival
Sep 22nd - Capstone Kite Festival (Kent)
Sep 29th - Hainault Country Park

Oct 13th - One Sky One World - Hylands Park
Oct 27th - Wick Country Park

Nov 10th - Hornchurch Country Park
Nov 17th - Hylands Park, Chelmsford

Dec 1st - EKG Christmas Party - Wick Country Park
Dec 15th - Hainault Country Park

Jan 1st - New Years Day Fly, Hylands Park

Looking for more events? Try the Kite Calendar.

Please look out for additional event information on the clubs website homepage or on Facebook.

Workshops are only open to club members who must contact a member of the committee for dates and times if they wish to attend.

Old Codgers Meetings:

Many of our retired members in the club  who are able to meet in the week, also have small club meetings most Tuesdays at either Thorndon Park or Hainault Forest Country Park. To find out where they will be & for more information visit our message forum.

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Cressing Temple Barns CM77 8PD
Cudmore Grove CO5 8UE
Dunstable KF LU6 2GY
Felixstowe KF IP11 7RG
Hainault Country Park IG7 4QW
Hornchurch Country Park RM12 6TS
Hunstanton KF PE36 5HY
Hylands Park CM2 8WQ
Layer Marney Towers CO5 9US
Loughton Fun Day IG10 2EQ
Melbourne Park CM1 2EH
Royston KF SG8 5BG
Teston Bridge ME18 5BX
Thorndon Park (Sth) CM13 3LL
Walmer Beach CT14 7HJ
Wick Country Park SS12 9GP
Our next 2019 club meetings:
Sunday 29th September  -  Hainault Country Park. IG7 4QW
Sunday 13th October  -  One Sky One World - Hylands Park, all welcome. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 27th October - Wick Country Park - SS12 9GP
Sunday 10th November - Hornchurch Country Park - RM12 6TS
Sunday 17th November  -  Hylands Park. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 1st December  -  EKG Christmas Party. Wick Country Park. SS12 9GP
Sunday 15th December  -  Hainault Country Park. IG7 4QW
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