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Melbourne Park, Chelmsford - Sunday 15th June 2014.

The weather forecast was for 10 to 12 mph with gusts and 100% cloud cover all day, after the previous weeks sunny days I could have quite easily not gone to this meeting thinking it wouldn't be very well attended.. But I was wrong!
I arrived as Ernie & Sandra were beginning to unload their car, the field was thankfully totally free from football posts and for such a big field, not many people around either.
We initially took a wind direction check and proceeded to run out our lines but in the process the wind shifted - so we took a happy medium place for our stakes and drove them into the ground. First up was my Barbara Meyer 81 Parasled followed by Ernie's 7m Flowform which was later adorned with a Parrot and 2 galloping horses and mine displayed the long flowing EKG banner.
Tony G turned up for a short while with a tunnel keel delta then came Frank and Daphne, Harry H and his family and later Wendy. Meanwhile, dancing friends/partners of Ernie & Sandra came along having abandoned their Sunday lunch in favour of seeing and photographing the kites on display.
Between us we flew a good selection of kites which stayed up very well with minimal intervention (the exception being the clubs Spirit Kite) and crossed lines, the only casualty was a line broke but the kite was successfully recovered.
Our efforts attracted a hand-full of other kite fliers, for most of the day a young girl with learning difficulties flew her diamond kite assisted by a very patient father, there were a couple of 2-line kites and a few other single liners dotted around.
During the day there was a trickle of people who saw the kites from a distance and came to see what was going on. It was really nice to hear some of their comments and thanks for our efforts in brightening up the sky of their local park on a dull day.
Apart from the odd dog, it was a pleasant day though colder than expected. Melbourne is a fairly big park which seems to be used more during the football season than the other months - which makes it perfect for us kiters!
I wonder if we may have seen a few more people if it wasn't for the Boy's Toy's meeting at Hylands Park or the well attended athletics meeting at the stadium across the green, either way - it was a very good days flying and well worth attending.

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