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Melbourne Park - Sunday 7th July 2013.

Today was the warmest day of the year and we were out there in the middle of a large sports field slowly roasting.. but luckily we had stopped off on the way to pick up a pop-up  gazebo which turned out to be a really wise move considering the heat.
Present today were Keith, Mark, Wendy, John F, Vernon & Margaret, Ernie & Sandra and Tony G & friend - we did manage to keep kites flying all day and for the times the wind  wasn't so favourable our colourful flag and banner display made up for it. It seems that Keith's new flag - which is a combination of the Essex flag, the EKG logo and the words Essex  Kite Group really helps to identify us, we're not just a bunch of people flying kites - we are the Essex Kite Group!
Throughout the day it seemed that delta type kites were the favourite with an Urban Ninja performing best, other kites flown were 2-line stunters, a 4-line Revolution kite, Ernie's flock  of blue birds, a Pan Flute, a pocket sled and an Afghan fighter.
A most enjoyable day in a park which seemed under used.

Photographs kindly submitted by J. Godfrey.
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