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Peterborough Kite Festival - Sunday 9th June 2013.

As always where ever GOKF are, you are welcomed with great warmth and friendship and this year after 2 disastrous years without kites being able to be flown we had something  extra special. Wind without the addition of that wet stuff and a great festival was put on. The sky was decked in colour with kites of all shapes and sizes from start to finish. It was a  fantastic show and with its central location and good road connections attracted club flyers from Avon, Midlands, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and probably other areas I haven't  mentioned.

In the main arena there was a full program all day starting with Essex Kite Group in the form of Mark T, Marc B, Keith M, Courtney & Lynn, John & June, Wendy, Ernie & Sandra  joining in with GOKF to put on a great display of artistic kites and inflatable’s with their enthusiastic efforts. Ernie’s Frog being of great interest to the local press.

Demonstrations of 2 & 4 line flying were given by an invited club from the Norwich area.

Team Spectrum gave a fabulous display of paired flying with their 2 line ballet with Karl following on with his 3 kites one man ballet. Also Brian Cantel (Darkstar) gave a magnificent ballet  with his 3 kites one man display.

Fighter kite demonstrations were given by the awesome Stafford Wallace and power kiting was represented by a display of Flexifoil stacker 6’s of at least 15 stacked together.  Rather him than me.

The altitude challenge was hotly contested and our Mark Taylor came a very close second in what was a very subjective judgement.

Ernie took part in a 15 minute remembrance fly of stacks flown for the sadly departed Bruno, the Frenchman who had time for everyone.

GOKF put on a fabulous display of 30-40 Swallow Kites in amazing colour’s which filled the arena and flew so magnificent in the conditions.

John showed off his new Derick Kunne Sled & Vlag and his 20mtr Turbine supported by his Flowform 6. Marc B had his pterodactyl showing its fine lines. Courtney in his usual way  hand flying various kites made contact with members of the public promoting the pleasures of kite flying. Keith & Mark T decorated the sky with their sleds and kite laundry while  Ernie exercised his cat and dog inflatable’s on one FlowForm 6 lifter and his parrots & frog on the other lifter, with the string of crows at the bottom of the field. Not forgetting Wendy,  flying her home made plastic fighter type kites and a very nice triangular box.

The day closed with a mass fly of single liner’s by GOKF supported by EKG and other club flyers. An excellent day for all and great thank you to all EKG members who made the  journey. I hope GOKF manage to keep the festival going next year in this slow economic climate.

Our next club meetings:

Gt Dunmow Kite Meet by invitation of the Mayor: 2pm Sat 25th September on the Dunmow Recreation Ground.
There are several parking spaces & toilets on edge of field. CM6. 2AA Refreshments might be available on site.

Meetings are to be arranged at short notice and where possible dates and venues will be posted.
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