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Royston Charity Kite Festival - Sunday 4th August 2013.

Royston Charity Kite Festival - Sunday August 4th 2013

The day started well, car packed, on time to pick up Mark Taylor. No need for the Sat Nav, been to Marks before. Coming off the M25, big over hanging road sign: ‘A12 CLOSED’.  No problem me thinks, open glove box and reached for Sat Nav. Big Ooops! No Sat Nav. Follow diversion. Some of these villages in Essex have very narrow roads. Phones Mark,  running a tad late. Only 5 minutes later than scheduled.

Off we set and poseur Mark gets out his flash mobile phone and sets up the navigation feature on it, thanks Mark.

Arriving in plenty of time, we are shown to our allotted set up point. A strange fellow began waving to us as we gingerly drove up the gradient. Strange indeed, it was John Fewell.

Lovely sunny weather with fairly strong winds. Out came my trusted Rhombus sled and promptly lofted into the blue sky while Mark began to unload the car ably watched by John.

Ernie and Sandra soon arrived and with a group effort - up went the club's shelter. Flags and banners set, the task of flying kites began. On the list of timings for the day, there was  one for powerkites. I did ask John to bring his buggy and kites with the intention of joining the Royston powerkiters in the arena. With the wind a bit on the blowy side, the
powerkiters only let 3 of their members into the arena, so unfortunately John had to sit this one out on the sidelines.
However, during the day, his buggy did attract comments from a number of onlookers as they passed by.

As Graham arrived, we were invited to join with the Great Ouse Kite Flyers in the arena to fly an assortment of kites for the public onlookers to admire. As we relaxed after the arena  stunt, Sandra asked if there was an altitude sprint which other kite festivals include. Looking down the timings there wasn’t. Ernie did remark that the flier we all had to beat if indeed
there was a sprint, would have to be Stephen Hodges of the Great Ouse Kite Flyers.

Later on in the day, said Stephen made his presence known and informed us of an impromptu altitude sprint in approximately 10 minutes!! Where are the Essex lot gone? Ernie  was out flying in the public field, John and Mark walking back slowly clutching burger bun, tray of chips and cups of hot drink, Graham………no idea. Quickly informed Mark and
John of the sprint time, Sandra made her way to let Ernie know as well. I had nothing which would even come close to any of the other kites when it comes to altitude sprinting. John  was in the same boat as me and opted out of this one. Mark in a very calm and collected way placed cup and tray of chips on the table, collected one of his kites and made his way  to the arena. Graham appeared like Will-o’-the-wisp, breezed into the shelter and kite in hand joined Mark in the arena.

To cut a long story short, our friend and fellow kiter Mark won the event with Stephen a close second. Mark’s reward, a box of Thornton's toffees, which he didn't share, even when I  asked the commentator to mention him and our club!

A fabulous day we all agreed, my very good friends Sarah and Emma with their nieces were on hand to enjoy the day and support the event. Unfortunately, Courtney and Lynn who  were expected on the day, could not make it, a genuine reason I found out when I rang them later.

Keith Marshall.

Lots of pictures to be added here... When I find them!
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