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South Weald Park - Sunday May 5th 2013.

Today's meeting at South Weald Country Park was well attended and we had pretty much the same weather as we did two weeks before, winds light to non-existent and from various directions. Despite that, between us we have a good range of kites and so managed to have something in the air at all times. At times it was a case of get as much height as you can while the wind allowed and hope you didn't lose too much height before the next breeze came along.
My Thermik Delta with its new lighter and thinner leading edge spars performed very well and clocked up several air-miles, I think I have done just about all I can to improve it.. I just have to accept that if there isn't any wind or thermals present, it succumbs to the effects of gravity. One last modification will be to starch my kite line and see if I can push the kite upwards.
Courtney once again produced more of his recent appliqué work which is coming along very well indeed whereas I showed off my fled with eagle graphic cut from sticky-backed insignia cloth.
Looking around we saw several other kites being flown (see butterfly kite in the gallery) and we were able to assist a young chap with small power-kite - which he was having problems with.
The clubs new shelter had already been erected before I arrived though most preferred to sit out in the sunshine, besides you can't see the kites with a roof over your head! Nearby was a stall selling a range of home-made breads and cakes, every time I looked that way he had a few customers so I guess he did well there.
All in all, a nice days flying. Mark
Our next club meetings:

Gt Dunmow Kite Meet by invitation of the Mayor: 2pm Sat 25th September on the Dunmow Recreation Ground.
There are several parking spaces & toilets on edge of field. CM6. 2AA Refreshments might be available on site.

Meetings are to be arranged at short notice and where possible dates and venues will be posted.
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