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Wick Country Park - Sunday 19th May 2013.

What brilliant venue for kiting!!!!
Arrived at 11.15am, it was a slightly cloudy start and there was already some other club flyers there ready to fly the EKG flag!
Members present for the early start were Mark, Keith, Reg and another couple of early flyers local to the area were James and Reg plus Phil and son Michael.
For the first part of the day we all struggled with the varying wind conditions, all types of kites were tried ..Deltas, Diamonds, Rokakus and Fighters.
With the help of Mark and Keith our new member James flew his new Thomas Horvath Zero 1.1, light wind kite quite successfully. One of the advantages of flying as a is  always close at hand!
As the day progressed the weather got better. Margaret, Vernon and Graham arrived around lunch time. The wind continued to be challenging. Vernon tried various kites and  Graham flew his Rev and two line Quantum stunt kite in between messages on his Facebook! I hope you put some good pics on your Facebook, Graham! LOL:)... I had a go with  Grahams Rev, I definitely need to practice more and could be better. Kiting tips were passed around as usual.
The turn out was small but enjoyable. A pleasant day...hope to see you all at the next meeting..until then fellow flyers...fair winds to everyone!

Quote of the day: In the winter, you either eat or you make kites.
Our next club meetings:

Gt Dunmow Kite Meet by invitation of the Mayor: 2pm Sat 25th September on the Dunmow Recreation Ground.
There are several parking spaces & toilets on edge of field. CM6. 2AA Refreshments might be available on site.

Meetings are to be arranged at short notice and where possible dates and venues will be posted.
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