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Wick Country Park - Sunday 21st July 2013.

Some club members were a lot keener than others and must have turned up before the dawn chorus started, the intention being to set up a pair of brand new white gazebos but as it  turned out, there was a bit too much wind for them. Damn, I should have hired a camel and brought the club's shelter, we could have really done with it - especially later in the day.
We had a pretty good turn out of members, some of whom brought along guests. During the course of the day we managed to display a colourful range of kites of various sizes. I  guess today was a delta day, at least that's what seemed most popular but we also had a few more unusual kites being flown for short periods and we were surprised to see  Michael flying a 2-line stunt kite, well done!
The event coincided with a Friends of the Wick Country Park (FOWCP) Nature Quest day which quite possibly attracted a few more visitors to the park than there would have  otherwise have been and this meant that our clubs PA was kept busy promoting the club amongst other things.
Weather wise, though too strong winds for a gazebo the winds were variable at best during the morning along with 100% cloud cover which slowly dispersed lunch time leaving us  with a sunny afternoon & later the wind improved slightly but by then the heat was beginning to become more of a problem. If only someone had thought to bring some sort of a  shelter. ;-)
The highlight of the day must have been as we were beginning to pack all of our gear away, a certain member produced what he thought was an early birthday present... he really  should have known my birthday was the Saturday before. It was a beautiful monochrome bird kite with a 16 foot wingspan... just WOW! So impressive and I was honoured with  taking it up on it's maiden flight. Mark
Our next 2019 club meetings:
Sunday 13th October  -  One Sky One World - Hylands Park, all welcome. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 27th October - Wick Country Park - SS12 9GP
Sunday 10th November - Hornchurch Country Park - RM12 6TS
Sunday 17th November  -  Hylands Park. CM2 8WQ
Sunday 1st December  -  EKG Christmas Party. Wick Country Park. SS12 9GP
Sunday 15th December  -  Hainault Country Park. IG7 4QW
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